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India Handicraft Exporter

India Handicraft Exporter India Handicraft Exporter

India Handicraft Exporter

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Stone is Crafted by Nature, We add Beauty to it

The ordinary formless stone becomes the very manifestation of divinity under the skilled hands of the traditional craftsman. The traditional craftsman relies more on his spiritual senses and less on the aesthetics imparting a distinctive power of suggestiveness in the sculpted forms. Consequently the handicraft seems to come to life before one's eyes.

One illustration of such great craftsmanship is Taj Mahal. In addition to the Taj's majesty, what attracts its numerous admirers from all over the world are the many structural patterns hewn out of the marble as well as the multi-colored, intricate and unique inlay detail on the outside as well as the inside of the building. It is this sensitivity to delicacy and pleasure that has taken its splendor to such heights that the globe in its entirety wonders at the brilliance of the Taj.

We, at India Handicraft Exporter, have an eye for the intricate designs and details, and the execution of elegant inlay patterns by our traditional craftsman. The consistent high quality and magnanimity of our varied marble table tops and stone handicrafts makes us the true carriers of that unique Indian architecture and design characterized by Taj and other monuments.

India Handicraft Exporter

We, in stone handicraft range, offer some incredible spectacles in natural stones. Our product range includes Animal Figures, Coffee Tables, Firefronts, Flower Vases, Flower Planters, Fountains, Jali, Lamps, Lamp Stands, Pillars, Columns, Table Stands, Door Tops, Sculptures, Banisters, Windows, Garden Landscaping, etc.

We, in marble inlay work, present to you intimate and unparalleled inlay patterns on Rectangular, Square, Round, Elliptical and Octagonal Table tops along with Borders, Floorings, Wooden Doors, etc. that dazzle with the richness of marble.

Globalizing Our Quality

The unprecedented medley of stone handicrafts and marble inlay work that we offer is a definite treat for the connoisseurs of craftsmanship characterized with the richness of the royal bygone era. Proud possession of any of these Object D'art will get a facelift of the interiors as well as your splendor.

To see more of our select, exquisite designs, fill-in the contact form and send it to us.

We look forward to the opportunity to furnish your specific requirements. Price tag of each product is "your satisfaction".



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